We all are living in a world of Globalization and Rising Competition, We try to achieve things as soon as possible.

This haste giving us some kind of negativity and restlessness. In this haste we forget ourselves.Our mind needs relaxation, peace and it wants to be calm sometimes.

I am telling you about a simple tip to Get away from this negativity.

Find a Quite place and Sit for a while and simply focus on your thoughts !! Let the thoughts flow in your mind.

U will get a clue of “Are You a negative person or Positive”

If your thoughts are neutral or positive or full of life , just tap your back to say yourself “You are on a right track of life” !!

Give a Smile to yourself” and appreciate yourself for being a positive person.

But what if negative thoughts come?

It means You have trained your mind to think negative that is why without any efforts Your mind automatically starts to think negative .

This is an eye opening moment to understand the degree of negativity or positivity in you.

Solution to this is very simple, whenever a negative thought comes, ” CUT IT OFF ” .

After that just switch over your mind from that thought, you don’t need to analyse yourself ,Why negative thoughts are coming ? Why am I like this ? if you will roam under this ,u can never get out of this negativity.

This is a Quick tip to know yourself. You need to focus on what is required for you.

It is a waste of time to dive in a ocean of thoughts that are just ruining your mind and your life in a long way.